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If you have concerns in any of the following areas, it may be time to ask an Occupational Therapist for help.

Art Fun


Bath Time


Baby with Wooden Toy


Fine, Gross, Visual Motor

If your child struggles with grasping items, self-feeding, handwriting, walking, jumping, copying from the board, crossing her eyes, or any other movements, an occupational therapist can help. Testing for muscle weakness, retained reflexes, and ocular motor control are all a part of evaluation and treatment.

Manage Meltdowns

Riding the emotional rollercoaster is rough. Anxiety, intelligence, sensory needs, reflexes, and communication can all play a role in your child's challenging behaviors. Focus on Function will utilize and train parents on approaches that support the neurodivergent child while simultaneously addressing the underlying causes of problem behaviors.

Grasp, Roll, Crawl, Walk, Jump

Most functional deficits arise out of not reaching or skipping over milestones. Each step is vital to a baby's overall development.  Some babies who seem "advanced" for their age may rush their development in a hurry to see the world, yet fall behind later in their life despite their intelligence. They may need an occupational therapist to guide their brains through some developmental stages again.

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