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Support for Teachers

You have the most important job in the world, and you love those kids! But wouldn't it be nice if they would just sit still and listen a little longer?

Focus on Function offers in-services that will give immediate, tangible support to teachers of any age group. All in-services are followed with an Implementation Day of modeling the strategies learned for maximum carryover.

        "I just wanted to share with you some of the things you taught us yesterday that we’ve already seen the teachers put into practice today!  One of our Preschool students was having a difficult time in the classroom (a child who the teachers discussed was potentially “sensory seeking”) and that teacher had the child bring a heavy stack of books back and forth to the classroom/office.  The student enjoyed being a “helper” to our book donation and he got the input he needed to calm his body down.


       Also, the other Preschool class today read a story while the students were all in “tummy time” position.  The teachers included a great note to the parents about improving core/shoulder strength and different learning positions.


      Thank you so much for all the great strategies and information you shared yesterday!"

- Primrose Dunwoody Administrator

Two hour classroom observation + written recommendations

Behavior observation & report

Two hour observation of an individual child + full report

Modeling & training in classroom

Every 1:1 training is followed by three hours minimum in-class training and modeling

GRoup & 1:1 trainings for teachers

Travel fee may apply


Want to learn how to bring Focus on Function to your preschool? 

Sensory Strategies for the Preschool Classroom

Max. 40 participants

This 3-4 hour course provides teachers with a basic introduction to the 8 sensory systems, how to identify sensory differences, and hands-on problem solving to learn how to implement sensory strategies that will benefit every child in the classroom. Everyone has a nervous system, so everyone has sensory needs! This is our initial (and most popular) course for preschool teachers. 

Behavior Management in the Pre-School Setting

Max. 40 participants

Behaviors are a form of communication, and often difficult to manage in a busy classroom. This 2-3 hour course provides concrete, manageable strategies that teachers can implement immediately.

Circle Time Strategies

Can be tailored to groups of any size - Max. 300 participants

This 2 hour course provides concrete strategies for managing behaviors during circle time, implementing movement in order to improve attention, addresses barriers to a productive circle time, and ways to improve engagement. Fun and hands-on!

Using Affect to Manage Behaviors in the Classroom

Max. 40 participants

As a teacher, one of the most valuable tools in your pocket (and most under-used!) is your affect - your face, voice, and gestures. This behavior management course focuses on what you can control in your busy classroom - you!  Evidence-based and interactive, will provide your teachers with an understanding of how important non-verbal communication can be. 

Promoting Fine Motor Skills in Pre-K

Max. 40 participants

This 2-hour course aligns with your school's curriculum and introduces simple ways to promote shoulder and hand strength that will support the development of fine motor skills. 

Sensory Strategies for Infants and Toddlers

Max. 40 participants

This 1-2 hour course is designed specifically for infant and toddler teachers to address appropriate development in these important developmental stages. Teachers will learn simple, specific activities that will prevent future academic and behavioral difficulties as their students grow.

Setting Expectations to Manage Behaviors

Max. 40 participants

2-3 hour course for all age groups. Too often behaviors in the classroom stem from developmentally inappropriate expectations. This course reviews developmental stages and is a good refresher for the experienced teacher and new teacher alike. 

Request a topic

40 - 300 participants

If your school is struggling with something specific, we can tailor a topic to meet your needs. A classroom observation may be needed in advance in order to better serve your school.

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