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Family at a Beach

Support for the whole family.

When your child is struggling, it impacts everyone in the house. If your family needs strategies for managing your child's quirky behaviors or organizational needs, consultative services may be what you need. Consult sessions can fit into your busy schedule, be provided in your home or over the phone, and will be tailored to fit your specific needs or concerns.  If you need some tools to get you started moving in the right direction, a consult can be a great first step.


 1 hour in-home or school observation; additional fee for written report if requested

Sensory Diet

A written sensory diet tailored to your child and family life to help keep your child well-regulated throughout the day

Behavior Support

Observation, parent report, and list of recommendations to support your child and family

In-Home Modeling

Hands-on support in the home for parents to learn how to implement sensory and/or behavioral approaches

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